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Here are our most commonly asked questions. If you need more information or would like to research further, please contact us by email at
Join us Seaweed harvesting along the Central Coast of California to learn more and see how amazing Seaweed is!
Is it safe to eat?

​Our Seaweed is tested and approved by the California Department of Public Health as being free of Radioactive Isotopes, Colorforms and E Coli as being clean and free from contaminents.
Harvesting locations are Inspected for waters that are clean and safe from farm run-off, pesticides, herbicides and sewage. 
Why should I care about Seaweed and Kelp Beds?


​Seaweed is home to a multitude of little critters.
Start with a visit to your local Tide Pool and begin sorting through the attached Bladderwrack, Sea Lettuce and Rockweed along the rocks at low tide.
You will likely find snails, mussels, crabs, sea urchins...
Seaweed is also what the fish eat. No Seaweed, no fish.
Ever wonder what makes those soft white sand beaches of the Carribean?
Calcified Seaweed of course.
How about the seaweed producing half of all oxygen produced on our planet?
That's Algae for you.
It is used in over 100,000 products from BioFuel to toothpaste and paint. 
What can I do to keep the Seaweed healthy? 


Be concious of what you pour down a city drain. Remember it all ends up in the Sea. Yes, dilution is helpful...but comes a certain point in all of this where it is effecting in an adverse way our environment and the health of the ocean. What we do to the ocean we do to ourselves. Like polluting our air. You breathe it. You need to breathe it. We need the Oceans for a very similar reason. It sustains life. It doesn not require farmland to grow. In fact the only help it needs, is for us to not pollute our waters. 
Workshops for Classrooms

Join me for a fun and informative workshop teaching your students the wonders of Seaweed reproduction, growth and  harvesting, Seaweed Wrap/Nori sheet making, and eating!!!
Contact Annie Cappelli for more information and dates. 

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