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Our Story

Embrace your SeaweedSoul...Feel the energy of the sea. Indulge in nutrients awash in your body with each passing wave. Eat & Be Well.
Wild harvested for you by me at low tide, with the
air being still but for a light cool breeze...
The temperature of the sea loses it's attention as
I emmerse in slippery ribbons of green. I cling to
rocks of velvet sea fans, harvesting the sea lettuce
from it's holdfast... A distant wave surprises me
with her saline spray, as I return to my place
on the rocks.
Nothing short of amazing to bring you these healthful and tasty ammendments to your daily diet. Worth every mis-timed wave!
Enjoy the freshness, health benefits and fun of locally harvested Seaweed.
A life long passion for nature in all of it's elements, Harvesting Seaweed has me in her grasp.
I find true passion in a stormy sky, hail bouncing off of my kayak, a strong dance of wind amongst trees, and a calm sea of glass reflecting clearly the setting sun.
A rising moon brings enchantement to her tide pools. Still, listening for a sneaker wave to pull me in...I thank every element in life for the opportunity I have been guided to, just to share Seaweed with you. 
Discovering the palatability of Seaweed by my Equine friend while riding on the beach one fine day, I was intriqued by his desire to eat the stuff. I allowed my horse to forage for clean fresh Kelp washed up on shore and marveled at his selective senses to choose only the very freshest seaweed. This began an exploration into the world of Algae...
The discovery of anit-inflammatory, hormone balancing, energy producing nutrient rich Seaweed, I dove in to the endless benefits and uses of these most important marine organisms. 
With Collagen, Protein, Calcium, Fiber, Maganese, Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Iodine, Omega 3's - I found one food I could eat that not only healed and balanced my Thryoid, but weight, hormones, cholesteral, inflammation, and wow, I felt great! 
Settling on the Central Coast of California, I have found a bountiful ocean. Abundant and thriving. With the help of all concerned citizens continuing to be stewards of the sea. 

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