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Earth Food

Earth Food

Giant Kelp harvested in the peak of it's season duing the Spring. Nutrient rich cold water washes this Seaweed in vitamins and minerals. Growing as much as a foot a day, this Marine Algae boasts over 71 minerals necessesary for healthy gardening of all fruits, vegetables and flowers. All plants benefit from the added earth food to their soil and roots. Non burning, no worry about over feeding. 


Add at a rate of 1 cup per 5 gallons of water, mix and let expand. Pour over plants and soil.


Add at a rate of 4 cups per 7 cubic feet of soil.

A beautiful Nutrient rich moisture retaining soil ammendment for all plants. Safe and highly beneficial to the earth.

Milled Giant Kelp, Bull Kelp stipes, Palm Kelp and Purple Sea Lettuce combine to feed highly digestible nutrients from the sea to your farm.

You will find the Omega 2's, B-Vitamins, Protein, Calcium, Collagen, iron, iodine, complete the nutrients needed in the earth for healthy growth of all living things.

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    Can be fed to Livestock. Cows will produce more milk, Horses produce better bone density and calm disposition, Goats produce more milk and healthier kids and Chickens produce healthier eggs.

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